About Me

His first experience was when he was 16 and he borrowed a camera from his brother and started doing simple snaps one evening. Primoz was immediately drawn by the endless possibilities of showing an image the way he sees it. He wanted to know everything about it and dedicated most of his time developing the technical aspects of photography. Once he conquered them he decided it will be the extension of his eye to show people the way he sees everything around him. Street photography was something that Primoz has always felt drawn by as we can tell from his images. He took the whole thing to another level by bringing his approach of documentary photography to wedding ceremonies. He established a brand ‘’the moments you want to remember’’ with which he soon started to gain his reputation. Primoz not only tries to show what he sees, his approach is to maintain a memory that lives and evolves. The memories that tell a story, story he had an opportunity to capture for you.. and himself.

Primoz is continuously trying to challenge himself and get over the boundaries of photography. He seeks for perfection which doesn’t really exist. As he would say ‘’good is never good enough’’ And for us that know him in person, we might just say that he is ‘always ahead of his time’.